The 10 Most Bonkers Quotes From A Pretty Bonkers Interview Of Will And Jaden Smith

Is Will Smith about to enter Tom Cruise territory? It certainly feels that way after reading this pretty bonkers New York interview with Will and his son, Jaden, conducted during a publicity tour for the pair’s upcoming sci-fi film, After Earth. The interview, while never directly touching on Smith’s alleged involvement with the Church of Scientology, does paint quite an interesting picture of one of the world’s biggest box office stars, who seems to be borderline obsessed with something he refers to as “The Patterns” and miles away from Fresh Prince territory.

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Smith has certainly worked very hard to be taken “seriously” in Hollywood circles since his TV sitcom days, and he has more than achieved his goal. He is, as we mentioned above, one of the top two or three movie stars in the world, albeit one who has not worked very much of late; After Earth is only his second film to be released since 2008. He is unquestionably one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, someone who has the ability to get any project he shows interest in greenlit, but we can’t help but wonder if he’s veering a bit close to the orbit that Tom Cruise entered after jumping on couches and down Matt Lauer’s throat?

This interview, while certainly painting a picture of Smith as a deeply thoughtful individual and considerate family man, also shows off, shall we say, an eccentric side of Smith. This obsessive interest in “The Patterns” hints that he may have crossed over to the other side of the looking glass. Smith’s beaming smile and irresistible laugh have made him one of the most charismatic movie stars of all-time, but with the widespread proliferation of media these days, it is easier than ever before for cracks to begin showing through the thin facade of fame. There have long been unsubstantiated whispers regarding inconsistencies between Smith’s private and public lives, and giving further “real talk” interviews like this could wind up putting him in a Cruise-like tailspin. While we commend him for not giving pat answers to junket interviewers, our guess is that he’ll think twice before doing something similar again.

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