If Liam And Miley Are Dunzo, Which Lady’s Next In Line?

What if Liam dated Nina, Jennifer, Kristen, January, Ashley or Selena?

Sure, even if the rumors of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ breakup are true, the smoldering Aussie and bondage-loving pop star have split and reunited before, so we might be premature with this post. But we can’t help wanting to play matchmaker every once in a while, especially with a guy who’s been off the market for the entire time we’ve known his name! So who should be splitting fresh rolls and roasted squirrel with Gale next?

Ever since Liam and January Jones were spotted leaving a pre-Oscar party together in February, the gossips have linked these two and are going so far as to blame her for the demise of his engagement. It could be that after years with perky former Disney princess Miley, he’s been fantasizing about older ladies — January’s 35 to Liam’s 23. And for all we know seeing Mad Men’s uptight housewife in all her Fat Betty glory got him hot and bothered too.

Liam could make every Hunger Games shipper’s dreams come true by dating Ms. Katniss Everdeen herself, Jennifer Lawrence. We’re still bummed about her breakup with Nicholas Hoult (and those two were spotted out together earlier this month), but on the other hand … Team Gale! Jen also seems like a total goofball, in the vein of Miley.

Speaking of newly single ladies, Nina Dobrev is on the market now too. The Vampire Diaries star (and former gymnast) shares Miley and Liam’s love of working out, so we can picture her at his side in all those paparazzi shots of him leaving the gym.

If Liam is still leaning toward the sprightly blonds, he and his Paranoia costar Ashley Benson would make a cute couple. After seeing her dark side on Pretty Little Liars and Spring Breakers, we think she’s more than just a pretty face, too.

If Liam wanted some real trouble on his hands, he’d steal this other former child star away from the Biebs. Selena Gomez is rumored to be feuding with Miley over Justin, but we’d kind of love it if the tables turned this way.

OK, yeah, this is a super troll-y choice. Sorry. But if rumors of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s breakup were true, and she were to move on, this would be a match made in young-adult-novel-adaptation-franchise heaven.

[Photos: Getty Images, Lionsgate]