Jaden Smith Wears An Iron Man Suit Out To An Expensive Sushi Lunch Date With Kylie Jenner

Earlier this week, we discovered that Jaden Smith is a “multidimensional mathematician.” Well, yesterday we learned that his résumé should also include “aspiring superhero,” as he was spotted wearing an Iron Man costume (or were they pajamas?) out to lunch with a member of the Kardashian clan.

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Jaden’s proud pop Will Smith bristled when a New York reporter asked him about his family’s connection with the Kardashians (“So how do you think your life is similar or un-similar to people’s names in Calabasas?”), but the 14-year-old Jaden got the last laugh when he took 15-year-old Kylie Jenner out for lunch at trendy Manhattan sushi hotspot Nobu 57 yesterday afternoon. For some yet-to-be determined reason —Method acting? Favor for an exhausted Robert Downey Jr? Lost luggage? An inexplicable urge to bond with Times Square’s furriest denizens?— Jaden thought it would be hilarious (and, spoiler alert, it WAS!) to wear an Iron Man costume outside in broad daylight. Now, we have no idea what the waiters at this luxe restaurant thought when a young boy in his Underoos sat down to eat, but we’re guessing that when it came time to pay the tab, they didn’t think twice about adding an extra gratuity to the bill. (And what a bill it must have been! Did you know that a salmon roll costs $18 at Nobu 57?!?)

Anyway, when it came time for the After Earth premiere last night at Manhattan’s Ziegfeld Theater, young Jaden had changed into something more red carpet ready. Our pals over at VH1 News caught up with both him and Will, along with other stars like Vivica A. Fox and Alfonso Ribero, for a spirited Speed Interview which you can watch below…

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[Photo: Pacific Coast News]