Talking With Best Week Ever‘s Jared Logan About His New Comedy Central Special!

Maybe the cast of Best Week Ever is out on summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped pounding the pavements to make you laugh. The hilarious Jared Logan has a brand spanking new Comedy Central special, The Half Hour: Jared Logan, airing tonight at midnight! We got a chance to chat with the charming Mr. Logan about how he prepared for the special, his favorite parts about working on Best Week Ever, and where you can see him next.

VH1: When did you find out that you had gotten the special?

Jared Logan: I’m not sure exactly when I found out. I think it was October 2012 and of course I was thrilled. We filmed it in February 2013 in Boston at the Club Royale and I felt uniquely prepared because I had done warm up for all of the half hours the year before at the same place. So, I kind of knew the venue and I knew the routine, so for me it was like coming back to camp or something.

How do you pick and choose which jokes will go into a half hour special?

Well, something that helped me choose was that stuff that had been in my John Oliver Special in 2012 and stuff that had been in my Mash Up–I was on the program Mash Up in 2012-that stuff they didn’t want me to do and that makes sense to me and I can understand why. But right there I killed about…oh…twenty minutes of my material by saying I couldn’t do that stuff. Maybe a little less–a little less than twenty minutes. But luckily, you know, I work hard here in New York and all over all the time. So, I had thirty more minutes for them.

What is your favorite part about being on Best Week Ever?

Oh Gosh…

It’s the awkward question.

What’s my favorite part? There are so many good things. I’m trying to think of something that’s not cliche right now because I just want to say “Oh, the people!” I like the people. I like working with all the producers on the show.

They’re very nice people.*

I guess getting to be hateful about people from pop culture that I extremely dislike. Like, I really feel blessed that I get paid money to go on TV and just trash “the plastic wives.” I hope they see it and it makes them cry, but feel like they don’t care.

So, you’ve also worked on the past on Comedy Central’s Indecision Blog. So what was that like and how is it different doing those kind of segments versus a half hour special?

Well, they’re two very different things. The Indecision thing…you’ve got to have a lot of ability to improvise and you have to have an ability to talk to people. That’s mostly what we did. So we were out there just trying to get people to talk to us and not only trying to get people to talk to us, but trying to get people to talk to us about political beliefs, which as you can imagine, you can probably assume people are pretty on edge about that sometimes–especially close to an election. And they’re afraid Comedy Central’s going to make a fool out of them. So, we had to have a lot of charm and charisma–which I think are two words that mean the same thing.

Luckily, I had Jordan Carlos with me who took care of that end of it and I was just goofy and silly. He was the charming one.

We think you’re charming**.

Ohhhhh…thank you. Make sure to put that in the article.

Don’t worry. We will.

So where can your fans see you this summer now that Best Week Ever is on hiatus?

They can see me at Bonaroo coming up here in June. I’m about to go on a short little tour where I’ll be in Atlanta at the Atlanta Improv. I’ll be in Nashville at the High Watt. That’s also happening in June. Trying to get down south this summer. But if anyone ever wants to know where I’m at, they can check my twitter or my website,

Because the show’s not on this week, if it were on, who would you vote for having the Best Week Ever?

Probably Mayor Bloomberg because that letter with the ricin didn’t make it all the way to him.

Comedy Central’s The Half Hour: Jared Logan premieres tonight at midnight! Check it out!
*No one asked us to say this. It’s true.
**No one asked us to say this either. It’s also true.