First Dibs: Is Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who This Year?

How did Leonardo DiCaprio try to keep a low profile? How did After Earth transform Jaden Smith? And on a sadder note, we say goodbye to a classic sitcom star.

  • The BBC announced that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who at the end of this year. Smith will star in the series’ 50th anniversary special in November and is set to regenerate into a new British actor during the Christmas Special. [Deadline]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio casually wanted to get some pizza in Venice yesterday, so naturally he put on a bizarre mask to cover his face. [Daily Mail]
  • In the new film, After Earth, Jaden Smith gets play a boy who becomes a hero. Like his character Kitai Raige, Smith also underwent a change on set when he grew four inches and gained 20 pounds. [MTV News]
  • All in the Family star Jean Stapleton has passed away at the age of 90. Stapleton had a long Broadway career before becoming known worldwide as the lovable Edith Bunker. [People]

[Photo Credit: BBC]