Hollywood Homewreckers: 15 Famous (Alleged) Other Women

On the new ABC show Mistresses, viewers get an inside look into the lives of the “other women” in relationship. But if you follow Hollywood gossip, you already know that mistresses and rumored homewreckers are more than just bad girls — they’re some of our favorite ladies.

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Even though society wants to revile these women as the bad guys, in many cases they were the ones equally wronged. For instance, Olivia Munn only (allegedly) helped Justin Timberlake step out on Jessica Biel because he repeatedly told her he was single. Sometimes, as in the cases of Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian, it’s unclear if the affair that took place was down and dirty cheating, or just an affair of the heart. Still, there are some women, like Camilla Parker Bowles and Marilyn Monroe who willingly became the mistresses of powerful men unhappy in their marriages.

Whether they were with the right man at the wrong time or if they simply went after what they wanted without any moral compunction, the 15 ladies on our list are all as fascinating as they are (in)famous.

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