This Week On Mad Men: Joan’s Boobs Wait For The Elevator!

This week on Mad Men there was a lot of tongue action, hallucination and some disagreement on what the firm should be called. Some of the boys had a TRIP in LA, while Pete back in New York had a TRIP of his own. Don had a near death experience and Joan snags a new client! I wonder what Betty and Sally were doing this episode? Probably reading Rosemary’s Baby or yelling at Bobby. I love it! Get your polyester shirts on because here are the top ten moments from Mad Men you’ll start a race riot for!

Here we go!

10. Megan sits on Don’s lap like a little girl, and then they sloppily kiss like teenagers.

9. Don, Roger and Harry go to a big shindig in California and run into Roger’s ex-wife’s brother.

8. Pete smokes a “funny cigarette.”

7. After an argument with Peggy, Joan’s boobs wait for the elevator.

6. Roger gets punched in the gut after insulting his ex-brother-in-law about his height.

5. COFFEE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Joan grabs a new client for the firm, then baby Pete gets jealous, has a hissy fit and tells the boss.

3. Kathy, the flight attendant wears a Britney Spears hat circa 1999.

2. Roger has some philosophical thoughts…….

1. Don smokes some hashish with some ladies, trips his balls off, and then almost drowns in the pool!

See you next week!

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