15 Celebrities With Epic Chest Hair That Puts Teen Wolf To Shame

Chest hair can be pretty divisive. Like modern art, cilantro, Marmite and Magic: The Gathering, you’re either REALLY into it…or really not. But looked at objectively, some of the manliest dudes of all time have quite the rug. James Bond! Chuck Norris! Don Draper! Alec Baldwin! Simon Cowell!!! And of course, there’s also Scott McCall of MTV’s Teen Wolf. At least when he goes into werewolf mode, that is.

  • Sean Connery

  • Alec Baldwin

  • David Hasselhoff

  • Sacha Baron Cohen

  • Burt Reynolds

  • Chuck Norris

  • Jude Law

  • Robin Williams

  • Simon Cowell

  • Hugh Jackman

  • Jon Hamm

  • Jason Sudeikis

  • Steve Carell

  • Tom Selleck

  • Will Ferrell

The show had its third season premiere on Monday, and the occasion kind of got us thinking about man fur. Come on, we can’t have been the only ones! The show could have saved some serious special effects bucks if they cast a real-life hairy dude. With that in mind, we’ve decided to list 15 guys with the most epic chest hair in Hollywood, ranked by werewolf howls.

[Photo: Orion/Splash News Online]

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