Celeb’s Best Friend: 50 Dogs Hanging Out With Their 50 Famous Owners

Some people say that in Hollywood that you can never tell if you’re friends are real or fake. That might not be true, because any celebrity who has a dog has at least one loyal canine companion they can rely on.

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Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend, they can also be a window into who their owners are. There’s this famous scene in 101 Dalmations where you can see that dogs are just like their masters. In Hollywood, dogs might not always look like their star owners (though some do, like Jeremy Renner’s adorable new puppy), but they certainly take after them. Consider how Ryan Gosling’s offbeat pooch George stole the hearts of millions when he appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon or how Blake Lively’s lovely little Penny always seems to shine in front of the camera.

The 50 pups on our list not only reveal their celebrity owners to be dog lovers, but they also let us peer into our favorite Hollywood stars’ off camera personas.

[Photo: Getty Images, Splash News]