Last Lap: Angelina Jolie Rocks Bracelet Designed By Brad Pitt

Could Will Smith be done with big-budget flicks? John Travolta drops in on a Georgia wedding, and Henry Cavill keeps a cool head while taking the lead in Man Of Steel.

  • Wait, Brad Pitt is now a jewelry designer? The actor helped craft a white quartz bracelet for his lady love Angelina Jolie, giving her the accessory as a gift in 2011. However, it looks like this may be the first time she’s worn it publicly, showing it off at the World War Z premiere in Berlin. [E!]
  • It’s not totally clear why John Travolta was in Georgia recently, but he decided to randomly attend a young couple’s wedding while there. Eh, it’ll be a good story for their future kids to hear. [TMZ]
  • Will Smith says that taking more daring acting roles is more intriguing to him these days, instead of playing it safe with huge blockbusters. Given how After Earth fared its opening weekend, we certainly understand. [Huffington Post]
  • How does Henry Cavill deal with the stress of stepping into Superman’s shoes? [MTV]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]