New Details On Rihanna/Chris Brown Split; People’s First Choice For Sexiest Man Alive

Rihanna and Chris Brown have had a roller coaster of a relationship. Their recent split has The Gossip Table wondering: Are Rihanna and Chris Brown done for good? Chloe Melas says that the two are definitely over. Melas also chats on the phone with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who happens to be friends with Rihanna. (Who knew?) The pint-size star also talks about her upcoming wedding.

It turns out Bradley Cooper was not People’s first choice for the 2011 Sexiest Man Alive. Who was? The Gossip Table has the scoop!

It looks like Bradley Cooper will always be everyone’s second choice, especially People’s. It turns out Ryan Gosling said no to the publication. Rob Shuter reports that he refused to do the exclusive interview and photo shoot that goes with the title. Sorry Brad, looks like you’ll always be a bridesmaid and never a bride. (Or the groom’s first choice…)

Was Ryan the better choice? Was America robbed of its 2011 Sexiest Man?