Game Of Celebs: Which Real Life Stars Could Conquer Westeros?

In Game of Thrones, you either win or you die–and being a celebrity is kind of like that (except you don’t die, but rather fade into obscurity). In order to gain and maintain fame, you’ve got to be ruthless, you’ve got to amazing, and you’ve got to have a plan.

As fans of Game of Thrones, we couldn’t help but notice that some of our favorite power players in Westeros share some qualities–and faults–with our favorite celebrities. Beyonce is clearly a Daenerys and Justin Bieber a Joffrey, but what about James Franco or Kris Jenner?

Real Life Celeb: James Franco

Westeros Counterpart: Jon Snow

Wherefore the Connection: Jon Snow has everything within him to be a great hero and leader of men. He’s handsome, smart, good with a sword and boasts connections with the Stark clan. However, he sometimes is so sanctimonious and precious about his morals and his mission (to be a great ranger), that he can’t get his head out of his butt to see the bigger picture–and to have fun.

Likewise, James Franco has everything within him to be the number one leading man in Hollywood. He’s handsome, smart, talented and boasts connections with the Apatow clan. Like Jon Snow, he’s got this so serious-it’s-silly idea that he should be some avant garde artist plumbing the depths of the human soul, when really we love him most when he’s just doing a great job as a leading man in a film and/or making us laugh.

Both dudes need to lighten up and be the leaders we deserve.

Real Life Celeb: Kris Jenner

Westeros Counterpart: Cersei Lannister

Wherefore the Connection: Cersei Lannister is a scheming piece of work who ruthlessly plots to put her children on the throne of Westeros. She has many enemies and detractors, but at this point in the Game, who can bring her down?  (Also can we talk paternity scandal?)

In the world of Hollywood, Kris Jenner is notorious for being the engineer behind the Kardashian’s rise to international fame (and infamy). She’s sold out her children’s lives all in the pursuit of glory. (Also can we talk paternity scandal?)

Both women don’t seem to be particularly happy as they are more concerned with maintaining their family’s grip on power, but so far, no one’s been able to kick them down.

Oh, and they both like wine.

Real Life Celeb: Beyonce

Westeros Counterpart: Daenerys Targaryen

Wherefore the Connection: When we meet Dany in season one, she seems like a shy, well-seeming girl who is being used as a pawn in a man’s game for wealth and power. As time wears on, however, Dany learns that she has insane power within herself to lead. She’s no man’s puppet. Once she assumes the title of Khaleesi, Daenerys becomes unstoppable–even though she gains her fair share of jealous enemies. And once she becomes the mother of dragons, all bets are off.

Like Daenerys and her three dragons, Beyonce is a triple threat–she’s a singer, dancer and actress. Also, we first met Beyonce when she was a fresh faced teen in Destiny’s Child. Back then, she was the lead singer in a quartet that was managed and masterminded by her dad. As time went on, some of her bandmates grew disgruntled and left, putting Destiny’s Child into a crazy shuffle. Oh, and as time went on, Beyonce also caught the eye of future husband Jay-Z, broke out on her own with an insane solo career, and basically became the Khaleesi of pop with the help of shifting into her stage persona, Sasha Fierce.

Who run the world? Girls. Specifically Beyonce and Daenerys Targaryen.

Real Life Celeb: Simon Cowell

Westeros Counterpart: Littlefinger

Wherefore the Connection: Oh boy… So Littlefinger is Westeros’s super sneaky smooth operator. He prefers to control people like puppets and can win your trust as easily as he can tear you down with fear. He owns a brothel where young women from all over Westeros attempt to better their lives by performing up to uh…his…uh…standards. And somehow he’s wheeled and dealed his way to a point out of nothing where he’s one of the most powerful players in the Seven Kingdoms.

Simon Cowell came out of nowhere (okay, he came out of England) to become one of the most influential and powerful people in the music and television industry when he became host of American Idol. After judging young American talents until they cried, he somehow became responsible for the successes of international pop stars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. He sneakily kept a foothold in British reality TV and is also responsible for One Direction. Oh, and for a behind-the-scenes industry guy, he’s kind of pretty well known.


Real Life Celeb: Justin Bieber

Westeros Counterpart: King Joffrey

Wherefore the Connection: Where isn’t there one? Okay, so Bieber isn’t a sadist (that we know of…)

Justin Bieber is the boy king of pop music. Everyone was happy and excited when he came to power because who wasn’t charmed by his sweet, falsetto voice. Now it seems, as in the case of Joffrey, that he might be a teeny bit entitled and selfish. Bieber hasn’t yet become as bad as Joffrey, but his antics, like leaving his monkey in a foreign country or speeding through his neighborhood and endangering lives, seem to suggest that no one’s reining him in. It used to be that manager Scooter Braun had to let Bieber know that if he kicked a member of The Wanted in the balls that person could kick him back in the balls, but is Scooter–like the Lannisters–letting Biebs get out of control?

Only time will tell…

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