First Dibs: What Did Kim Kardashian Share About Kanye West On Instagram?

What “funny” gift is Kate Middelton’s Uncle Gary planning on giving her newborn prince or princess? What spoilers do Captain America: The Winter Soldier set photos reveal? What made working on Man of Steel challenging for Russell Crowe?

  • Kim Kardashian took to Instagram yesterday to publicly wish beau Kanye West a happy birthday. In the text field, she declared that Kanye, who looks surprisingly happy in the photos she shared, is her “best friend, the ❤ of my life, my soul!!!!” [Instagram]
  • Kate Middleton’s Uncle Gary is going to be giving the brand new royal baby a uniquely “hilarious” gift. He’s going to buy shares in the Chelsea football club so that the kid becomes a Chelsea fan and not an Aston Villa fan like daddy Prince William. Oh, Uncle Gary… [The Sun]
  • Fans of Captain America might be excited to know that high quality shots of a very cool fight scene between Cap and the film’s antagonist have emerged online. Warning: spoilers for those who haven’t read the comics Captain America: The Winter Soldier are based on. []
  • Russell Crowe may look majestic as Jor-El, Superman’s daddy, in Man of Steel, but he certainly didn’t feel that way. He explained to MTV News that the problem was his tight spandex suit:

[Photo Credit: Instagram]