Drake Bell Discusses Amanda Bynes’ Recent Troubles; Plus: Kanye West Parties Without Kim

Over the weekend, Kanye West celebrated his 36th birthday, but someone didn’t make it to the party. That’s right, Kim Kardashian was nowhere to be seen. The Gossip Table tells us that was because the actress, who is eight months pregnant, is not allowed to fly. However, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Kourtney Kardashian’s husband Scott Disick all joined the rapper to celebrate his birthday.  While Kanye called it a night at 3 a.m., Marianne Garvey reports that Disick and Nas partied late into the evening.

In other celebrity gossip news, Amanda Bynes’ former co-star Drake Bell has opened up about the actress’ recent legal troubles.

While partying in Atlantic City, Drake Bell spoke to press about Amanda Bynes. Delaina Dixon tells us that Bell was all too happy to chat about his former co-star. In fact, he came to her defense, saying that she’s NOT crazy. He also said that her altered appearance is merely due to the fact that she just wanted to change up her look. Bell certainly seems to have faith in Bynes, but we’re not so sure. Maybe it’s all just an elaborate piece of performance art.

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