Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry Grow Closer; Plus: Amanda Bynes Gets A Puppy

Relationship news kicks off the Tuesday edition of The Gossip Table. Up first: Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry. The two were recently spotted at a Bjork concert and this is not the first time they’ve been seen together. Chloe Melas reports that the two are just friends. In fact, KStew is reportedly OK with the singer helping her ex through the breakup.

Meanwhile, Marianne Garvey tells us that things continue to get hot and heavy for Rupert Sanders’ ex-wife, Liberty Ross, who is dating her old friend Jimmy Iovine. With everyone pairing off, where does that leave Stewart and Sanders?

In other news, Amanda Bynes was spotted at the mall with a puppy! Dina Lohan calls in to the show to weigh in on all the drama and update everyone on her family.

Bynes was seen shopping with her canine friend at the mall. The new addition in her life is just the latest turn in the bizarre world of Ms. Bynes. But maybe it’s not all as bad as it appears to be. Yesterday, Drake Bell said Bynes was NOT crazy, and today, Dina Lohan put her two cents in.

Mother Lohan tells Rob Shuter that she only believes five percent of what she reads in the papers about the actress, but she’s also praying for her. Lohan knows firsthand about all media attention Bynes is getting. She even tells Shuter that Lindsay and the other kids are doing great. It looks like this might be the summer of positive feelings for the Lohan clan.