The Top 10 Best Super-Crotches In Superman History

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a Super-Crotch!

Okay, sure, that Super-Crotch is attached to a Superman, but let’s be real. The best part of Superman’s costume isn’t the billowing cape, but the attention devoted to not quite covering his nether regions. Since his debut in Action Comics #1, Superman has been saving lives — and showing off the goods. So, in honor of Man of Steel, we’ve ranked the top 10 most iconic Supermen in relation to the superiority of this all important feature.

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Sure, Henry Cavill is poised to become an international superstar in Man of Steel, but how does his crotch compare to Christopher Reeve or Brandon Routh? How do the crotches of yesteryear (think George Reeve and Kirk Alyn) stack up against Dean Cain’s or Tom Welling’s? WHO HAS THE MOST SUPER CROTCH OF THEM ALL?

Also check out the clip below to see what the Man Of Steel stars are saying about the flick, straight from the red carpet.

[Photos: DC Comics, Warner Bros.]

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