Beyond Himself, Who Made Tip’s List of The Best Dads In TV History?

Out of all the sitcoms you’ve followed over the years, which father characters stick out as your favorites, and why? We asked rapper T.I. that same question, and his selections are hilarious!

  • Dan Conner

  • Carl Winslow

  • Frank Barone

  • Danny Tanner

  • Fred G. Sanford

  • Philip Banks

  • Homer Simpson

  • Al Bundy

  • Cliff Huxtable

  • Tim Taylor

“Of course Cliff Huxtable,” Tip mentions out of the gate, adding the Cosby Show father to his list. “He was always very present. He had a way to relate to the kids. He didn’t punish without explanation. A lot of parents punish just because they said so, and I think that explanation brings about an understanding of how to avoid similar circumstances in the future. Cliff was able to find ways to relate to the children that many parents have not found a way to do.”

VH1: You said that he was present. What, exactly, does that meant to you?

T.I.: Him being a doctor, it’s very easy to be away from the home and excuse yourself from the family duties because of your occupation. It’s easily done.

VH1: Do you think you’re inspired or motivated in that same way?

T.I.: I try, man! I even have to find ways to combat my itinerary and try to find time to make time when there may not be time. It’s a day-to-day struggle. When you care about it and when it’s on your mind, I think that’s important.

VH1: Anyone else on your list?

T.I.: Fred G. Sanford.

VH1: Why him specifically?

T.I.: He was always brutally honest, but at the same time compassionate enough to take his time to try and find solutions to the house’s problems. He had his own way of doing it… a lot of tough love.

VH1: Who else did you put on there?

T.I.: I like Phillip Banks because he was a disciplinary, authoritative figure. I think that was something that was missing in my life: a figure that could show the consequences of choosing to partake in the wrong activities. I think that’s mandatory.

VH1: Do you think your approach to parenting was affected by the way you were raised?

T.I.: I [moreso] meant I know all of the shit they’re trying to pull before they pull it. I know when they lie just because I told the same lie 30 years ago. I just got to stay on my toes and stay sharp. You can’t be slow and say “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I just try and make myself as present and involved as possible. It gets difficult.

VH1: Do you have any tips for fathers to stay present?

T.I.: Make time, pay attention, listen, think about your punishment before you issue it, and try to explain the reasoning behind the punishment.

VH1: Can you explain why you put Homer Simpson on your list?

T.I.: I like how he is not afraid to get his hands on Bart when the time comes. He’s not afraid to choke that chicken neck! Those kids need that. It’s necessary.

In the gallery above, check out those TV dads and more. Happy Father’s Day, y’all!

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