Our 15 Favorite Cosby Sweaters For Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is this weekend, which has us thinking of the greatest father in television history: Bill Cosby as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Is it his humor, intelligence or strong moral compass that puts him at number one? Nah. It’s all about his sweater collection.

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This weekend, we don’t just honor fathers — we honor the crazy and colorful threads on their back. And so, brace yourself and be prepared to enjoy some amazing Cosby sweaters. We’ve got that sweater with a track meet on it and that sweater that’s great for duck hunting. We’ve also go that weird sweater with a leaf and horseshoe on it as well as the one covered in feet. We’ve pretty much got a bunch of crazy Cosby sweaters, guys. It’s pretty awesome.

[Photo Credit: Carsey-Werner Productions & NBC]