Man Of Steel (And Sex Appeal): A Henry Cavill Hotness Timeline

Man of Steel debuts in theaters nationwide today which means people everywhere will be introduced to a brand new Superman and women (and men) everywhere will discover just how much they want to sleep with Henry Cavill. I’m not joking.

Sure, the special effects are great and it’s wonderful to see Superman on the big screen today, but Henry Cavill’s hotness is unreal. Also unreal? The fact that people are acting like he came out of nowhere. Cavill’s hotness might have crescendoed to supernova levels of intensity in Man of Steel, but he has over a decade of making the ladies and gents swoon. He may have started as a pretty boy seducing older women, but he’s evolved into a legitimate sexual Superman.

Laguna (2001)

Cavill’s first film role was in an independent film called Laguna. He played an orphan who had been exiled to the United States and then when he was 18, he was allowed to return to Italy. Naturally, there were dark secrets about his parents’ deaths. Oh, and he fell in love with his uncle’s wife (a.k.a. his aunt) and licked cream off some other girl.

Cavil wasn’t the buff man we know as the Man of Steel, but he did give great make out scenes:

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