A Real Housewife Of New York Wants Out; Plus: Superman’s Eating Habits

The new season of The Real Housewives of New York is just four weeks into shooting and already a cast member is ready to quit. Rob Shuter reports that Aviva Drescher wants out. The housewife, who signed a last-minute contract just before the show began taping, is regretting her decision to return for a second season.

“What went wrong?” Drescher asks. “Why did I sign up for this show?”

The Gossip Table will never know… Meanwhile, Henry Cavill shares how he prepped for this shirtless scenes.

While the reviews for the new Superman movie Man of Steel are less than stellar, Henry Cavill’s body is winning all the praise. But how did the star maintain such a rock-hard body? Marianne Garvey tells us that the actor just didn’t eat. That’s right, when he was prepping for a shirtless scene, Cavill avoided food for the day.

It looks like Superman is a manorexic. Let’s hope he doesn’t maintain the unhealthy diet on a permanent basis.