Happy Birthday, Neil Patrick Harris! Celebrate With 10 Super Stylish Doogie Howser Moments

Here is what blows our minds about Neil Patrick Harris turning 40 today: A) He’s still got the same baby face he did when we first met him on Doogie Howser, M.D., but B) way back in 1990, he was basically talking like a 40-year-old on the show. Seriously, we just spent a day watching Doogie episodes on Hulu, and it’s hilarious how the kid went from cute to condescendingly intellectual in a blink — as 16-year-old genius docs are wont to do apparently. Through it all, though, the costume department of the show managed to keep NPH in youthful attire — with that extra awesome ’90s edge.

  • Doogie-ties

  • doogie-earring

  • doogie virgin2

  • doogie fries

  • Sneakers

  • Print

  • Doogie Casual

  • Doogie wear

  • Doogie hat

  • doogie virgin

The acid-washed jeans, the Air Jordans, the terrible print shirts and ties, the oversize jackets — and oh, yeah, that feathered hair — yes, kids, this is how teenagers dressed back in olden times. And, oh yeah, all those looks are pretty much back on the runways now. What would ole Doogie have to say about this in his blog computer diary? More important, what would Vinnie say?

[Photos: 20th Century Fox Television/Hulu]