True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer Gets Aroused While Filming Sex Scenes

One of the sexiest shows on TV is HBO’s True Blood and everyone knows why: those sex scenes! The Gossip Table has learned that one actor gets extremely into his work. Noah Levy reports that Stephen Moyer, who portrays vampire Bill Compton, gets aroused while filming sex scenes. That’s right, all those times he bedding Sookie, he’s really (thinking about) going at it. But that’s fine, considering Anna Paquin is his wife. But does Moyer also share the same passion for his gay sex scenes?

Which celebrity’s dog is wreaking mayhem? The Gossip Table has the scoop!

Courtney Love has been no stranger to hijinx in the past, but now her little dog Sugar Rose is getting into all the trouble. Marianne Garvey reports that pooch is a menace backstage. The canine recently attacked one of the singer’s assistants. She was trying to fix Love’s dress in the backroom when Sugar Rose start attacking the assistant, nipping and biting her ankles and heels. Love didn’t seem bothered by it. Apparently, Sugar Rose runs the roost.

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