20 Reasons Why True Blood Has The Sexiest Cast On Television

True Blood returns to TV screens tonight on HBO. While we can’t wait to watch all the vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters and fairies get into it, we’re more excited to watch the cast get back into bed with each other. True Blood might be about people involved with the supernatural, but its cast is the most super sexy group of people to have ever been on television.

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Maybe you don’t believe us. Maybe seeing Alexander Skarsgard nakedly romp in a lake isn’t enough to sway you. Alright. That’s fine. We have to ask, though, have you seen Anna Paquin (without clothes on)? Or what about the prim and pretty Deborah Ann Woll? After being turned into a vampire on True Blood, she went from sweet church girl to literal vamp. What about Ryan Kwanten or Joe Manganiello? What about all the sex these sexy people have?

If you remain unconvinced after going through our list, you might be undead, too, because you clearly don’t have a pulse.

[Photo Credit: HBO]

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