Pam And Tara: True Blood’s Cutest Couple? Discuss!

Last season on True Blood, we saw the beginnings of a crazy but hot — and strangely cute — pairing between Pam and her new vampire “daughter” Tara. (OK, when you use those incestuous terms, it’s a little less hot, but you know what we mean.) When VH1 News hit the red carpet for the premiere of season six, we asked the stars — and author Charlaine Harris — what they thought of the chemistry between the angry lady fangers, played by Kristin Bauer van Straten and Rutina Wesley.

“That is a cool couple, something I never anticipated,” Harris told us. “In the books, Tara is still human, married and the mother of twins. But given the trend of the show, that was a very logical step.”

Wesley didn’t seem very optimistic about the fate of this couple, though. “You will see me and Pam together,” she teased. “We always will have a special bond, but unfortunately that’s going to come secondary to survival.”

Of course, the unpredictability of which characters will hook up and which will turn each other to a pile of goo is part of what makes the show so much fun, even for the actors. “You think you know somebody, you think you know a pairing, and then it goes a different direction,” Jamie Gray Hyder, who plays werewolf Danielle, said.

Speaking of couples, we were also curious what the stars thought of how things concluded for the characters in Harris’ novels. “I just saw Charlaine Harris the other day on set, and I’d heard the ending of the books,” Sam Trammell (Sam) said. “She says she was trying to make it very obvious to the audience from the very beginning, but I guess a lot of people were surprised. Of course, some people were disappointed, some people were happy. Everybody wants their own thing. But she’s awesome. The takeaway from that is that I love Charlaine Harris. She’s a sweet, sweet woman.”

[Photo: HBO]