Kim Kardashian Gives Birth On Time, Not Early As Reported

Kimye’s baby kicks off today’s Gossip Table. On Saturday, Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl about five weeks ahead of schedule. Or did she? Chloe Melas reports that the Kardashian lied about her birth date to throw off the paparazzi. In fact, she was due around this time anyway. So all went according to plan.

And the baby was born in style. Over the weekend, Kim stayed in a $3,000-a-day luxury maternity suite at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. That’s not a bad way to be welcome into the world.

Meanwhile, celebrity psychic Thomas John tells us what he knows about Kimye’s new baby.

Thomas John tells The Gossip Table what he can see based on Baby Kimye’s birth date and time. Because she’s a Gemini, John says that she’s destined to make like Beyonce and run the world. Hey, all we’re talking about is this unnamed child… so far, so good.