Celebs With Civilians: 10 Movie Stars Who Married Ordinary People

Everyone’s entertained the fantasy of falling in love with and marrying a movie star, but it seems like the sort of thing that only happens in romantic comedies like Notting Hill. After all, most celebs marry other celebs…but not all of them do.

We found 10 talented movie stars who have found marital bliss with ordinary people.

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Matt Damon met his wife Luciana while he was working on the movie Stuck On You. She was working in a Miami bar, and Matt was drinking there. Now, she hangs out with the likes of George Clooney and Ben Affleck and attends movie premieres. Drew Barrymore, on the other hand, credits her new art consultant husband, Will Kopelman, for bringing normal things–like a dining room table–into her life.

No matter how they met their famous spouses, these 10 former nobodies are living the life–they not only get to hobnob with Hollywood stars, but they also get to be in love with one.

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