Lindsay Lohan Making The Most Of Rehab

Lindsay Lohan has been in rehab for over 30 days, and The Gossip Table hears that she is settling into life there. Rob Shuter reports that Lohan looks fresh and relaxed. Additionally, she is bonding with other patients at the clinic and making new friends (for life).

Chloe Melas chatted with her father, Michael Lohan, this morning and reports that he said: “I’m really happy that Lindsay is in a good place. She sounds and looks great.”

Apparently, he has faith in her recovery as long as no one puts any financial pressure on her. This stint in rehab is just what the actress needs and it will stick if she can rid herself of the plagues of the past. Here’s hoping she does!

What are friends getting Kimye’s new baby? The Gossip Table has the dish.

The gifts are already rolling in for the prodigy of Yeezus. So what are celebrity friends getting the newborn? Marianne Garvey reports that singer Maxwell sent Kaidence Donda West a pair of mini Nike Air Jordans. While it’s not gold, frankincense, or myrrh, it’s definitely very stylish.

But what would you get Kaidence? Chloe says nothing cheaper than diamonds. Sounds like someone lives life like a real housewife.