Leonardo DiCaprio Annoyed While Apartment Hunting, Gives Onlookers The Finger

Walking Leo, Sad Leo and now we can add Mad Leo to the mix. Why so grumpy, Leo? It’s Friday on The Gossip Table!

Well, according to Marianne Garvey, the walking meme was apartment hunting in Tribeca in New York City. Someone called the cops to disperse a crowd of onlookers that gathered outside to gawk at DiCaprio. When the NYPD showed up, he reportedly gave them and fans the middle finger. But his camp says that he would never disrespect anyone, especially the men blue. Maybe he was just upset that no one was impressed by his new jeep…

Which celebrity is tweeting pics of his newborn? Sadly, it’s not Kanye West.

North West (yes that’s her name) is all anyone is talking about. But they weren’t the only ones to have a baby recently. NFL player (and Kim’s ex) Reggie Bush is a proud father of his daughter Briseis, who he debuted to the world through an Instagram photo.

Too cute! Meanwhile, former star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin calls into The Gossip Table to talk about all the baby news and what he’s been up to:

  • Where has he been? Busy with “work” and “getting sued.”
  • Where does he live now? A cabin in the woods. Seriously. He doesn’t have an address and doesn’t like people knowing where he lives.
  • Does he still wear Ed Hardy clothing? No. He gave it all to his mother.
  • Would he ever do Dancing With the Stars? Yes! And he thinks he’d go further than Kate.

[Photo: SplashNews.com; Instagram]