Brad Pitt’s 20 Sexiest Moments Of All Time

Brad Pitt is the sexiest man alive and this weekend he goes up against hoards of the undead in World War Z. Now, it might seem foolhardy to send the one man every living person wants to eat up to fight off zombies, but who’s better to face the undead than a man who makes our pulse quicken?

To celebrate Brad Pitt’s eternal sexiness, we’ve put together a small tribute to 20 of his sexiest moments of all time.

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This was a surprisingly difficult list to nail down because, to be fair, every moment that Brad Pitt has been on this planet had been a sexy moment. The man doesn’t just ooze sex appeal, he creates an aura of hotness that has steamed up the entire globe. I’m not suggesting that Brad Pitt is the primary cause of global warming; I’m just saying the planet has been a lot hotter since he was born. After remembering these 20 blistering hot moments, I don’t think you can disagree.

[Photo Credit: MGM/Paramount/20th Century Fox]

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