Kristen Stewart Gets Inked And Robert Pattinson Parties Like Gatsby

Tattoos and birthdays kick off The Gossip Table this week! Robert Pattinson threw a lavish birthday party for a friend at his house. Chloe Melas reports that it was a Great Gatsby themed event with guests decked out in ’20s-inspired outfits. It sounds like more fun than the movie itself.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart was nowhere to be seen (not that she wasn’t invited per say). The actress and some friends are road-tripping across America and made a stop in Nashville, Tenn. K-Stew visited the Pride and Glory Tattoo Parlor where she got a new tattoo and took photographs with the staff.

Meanwhile, another ex-couple wants nothing to do with each other.

The Chris Brown and Rihanna roller coaster continues. We know they are no longer together but don’t ever expect to hear them on the same song again. Delaina Dixon reports that Breezy doesn’t want his ex on anymore of his tracks. He’s so upset by hearing her voice that he recently asked a DJ to turn off a Rihanna track when it came on in the club.

[Photo: Instagram]