True Blood WTF: 5 Screwy Moments From “The Sun”

So, yeah, this vampire-human war as metaphor for civil rights theme has gotten beyond heavy handed on True Blood, hasn’t it? Remember when the battle was all about Jason going to sleepaway camp with Reverend Steve Newlin and his hot wife? But to make up for it, this week’s episode did give us a few skin-crawling scenes that it is our pleasure to relive with you right now…

1. Vampires are the new … Ooof. The 1998 dragging death of James Byrd Jr. in Texas was shocking to anyone who thought racial brutality was a thing of the past, and even to those who knew it wasn’t. We’re not so sure if that kind of horrific event needs to be co-opted by an HBO drama. It’s just, well, not fun.

2. Sunshine in a bullet. There was a time when we wanted nothing more than to shoot Tara. But Vampire Tara is actually likable these days, so we were glad to see Eric dig into her with a broken bottle to relieve her pain. Damn, these human weapons are getting scary.

3. Eric fights for the whooping crane. OK, this is not really WTF, but we needed to take a moment to laugh at Alexander Skarsgard’s attempt to look meek and nerdy.

4. Fast Food. Why, exactly, did Billith need to consume this nice lady’s blood so quickly? Food tastes better when you savor it, Bill. Also, way to make enemies of the humans who want to help you, dude.

5. The future. Now that Bill has realized he can see these vampire deaths before they happen, we have to wonder if he can change the future too. Otherwise, Tara, Jessica, Eric and others are facing a scorcher.

[Photos: HBO]