Hot Or HOT: 25 Celebs On Bicycles Sweating Too Much (Or Making Us Sweat)

I think we can all agree that riding a bicycle is an incredibly hot mode of transportation. Either you’re happily biking along, with the wind in your hair, looking incredibly fine, or you’re sweating from heat exhaustion.

Don’t believe us? The 25 cycling celebs are on our list are either sweating too much, and are hot temperature-wise, or are still sexy and smoking HOT. Which celeb is which? Click through to find out…

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Sexy Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio knows a thing or two about being HOT both on and off a bike, just like movie star Megan Fox. Twilight alum Taylor Lautner was looking super sexy and super HOT on his bike while shooting a movie in New York City last week, while his co-star Robert Pattinson (who is usually dapper and unflappable) looked miserable and exhausted cycling down under in Australia.

Who looks HOT on a bike and who just looks boiling hot?


[Photo Credit: Splash News]