Marlon Wayans Champions Women’s Right To Fart Jokes

When you hear that Marlon Wayans is in a broad buddy-cop comedy, you wouldn’t be blamed for assuming that the White Chicks star was one of said buddies. But in The Heat, the youngest Wayans brother is happy to be the relegated to the straight-guy role, playing Sandra Bullock’s FBI love interest, leaving the comedy up to Sandy and Melissa McCarthy. “I couldn’t be as silly as I wanted to be ’cause that wasn’t the role I was playing,” he told VH1 News. “The role I was playing was ’the cute guy,’ and so I watched them be really funny.”

And after watching his co-stars in the Paul Feig-directed movie, what does Wayans have to say about the antiquated notion that women aren’t as funny as men?

“Nowadays, you know, women have found comfort in their masculinity,” the In Living Color alum. “They can be a little nasty, and yeah they realize over time women do fart too. We didn’t want to realize that as men. … Now you all just let it out!”

McCarthy, in particular, impressed Wayans with her improvised swearing skills. “Melissa’s cursing up a storm. I swear there’s, like, an 80-year-old black man in her mouth somewhere. She was making up curse words. At one point, she called somebody a ’f—-tart.’ … I’m gonna put that in my dictionary.”

As for his own comedy, Wayans teased a bit about an upcoming project. Watch below for more!

[Photo: Getty Images]