Boy Toys: 10 Famous Sexy Young Thangs Hot For Momma

When it comes to love, age is only a number. The ten current celebrity romances on our list definitely skew May-December (or at least May-September), but in each case, it’s the woman who’s older and wiser and the man who’s younger and following her lead. HOT!

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When Madonna first burst on the scene in the ’80s, she proudly proclaimed herself a “Boy Toy,” meaning she was the toy, but oh, how the tables have turned. The term can now describe Madge’s younger lover, Brahim Zaibat, or Tilda Swinton’s love, Sandro Kopp. Even Spanish beauty Elsa Pataky can boast that her husband, hottie Chris Hemsworth, is her boy toy, since the couple shares a seven year age gap.

The age differences on our list might range from a seven to thirty years, but in each case it looks like these young studs are hot for momma.

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