The Top 10 Worst Dressed Celebs At The 2013 BET Awards

The stars hit the red carpet last night for the BET Awards and let’s just say that some of them didn’t dress to impress. Whether they were wearing garish and outlandish outfits or ugly and ill-fitting dresses, these 10 celebrities weren’t showing anyone up when they showed up last night.

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Some lesser known celebrities like Porscha Coleman showed up wearing insanely unflattering outfits in an obvious cry for attention, and hey, we gave it to them. However, when the true stars, like the gorgeous Angela Bassett, showed up looking like they didn’t even try to look hot, sexy or beautiful, we started feeling offended. But then we looked at the bizarre ice queen-robot princess from outer space outfit that pre-show host Angela Simmons was sporting, and we just had to give up.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]