God Bless America: 50 Hotties From The 50 States

On the Fourth of July, we celebrate not just America, but the qualities that make the United States unique. Things like freedom, apple pie and our country’s God-given ability to make the hottest people on Earth. We’ve got 50 nifty United States, and 50 smoking hot people (of different sizes, sexes, ages and ilks) to represent those states!

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Of course, Queen Bey comes from the great state of Texas. It would be impossible to mess with her. Gorgeous Megan Fox spent her teens in Florida, but was born and raised within the borders of Tennessee. And of course, Pharrell, who’s steaming up the summer time charts, is from summertime hot spot Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Each of the hotties on our list was born (if not also bred) in one of our nations 50 great states. God Bless America!

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]