Oh Say Can You See These 50 Star-Spangled Hotties

As Americans get ready to celebrate the 237th birthday of the United States tomorrow with picnics, barbeques and firework displays, we can’t help but thinking about the broad stripes and bright stars of the American flag. Fashion trends have come and gone, but putting on an outfit —no matter how skimpy!— that proudly displays the red, white and blue will always be a timeless way to show one’s belief in the values that Americans hold closely. (Well, that and for some of our more shameless celebrities, it’s also a great way to capture a photographer’s interest!)

To both of those ends, please take a spin to check out the following 50 Star-Spangled Hotties, an alphabetically-organized gallery chock full of gorgeous patriots like Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Kate Upton, Mr. T and even a few Real Housewives of Orange County! We’re pretty sure Francis Scott Key would’ve wanted it this way.

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[Photos: Getty Images, Splash News, GQ, Vanity Fair]