Warlow, WTF? True Blood‘s 5 Twisted Moments From “At Last”

We are feeling about as frustrated as Willa Burrell these days: Four episodes into this season of True Blood, and still, no sex. Some mighty good teasing happened in this installment — and one shirtless Eric scene — but, yeah, it’s still all about the body count. Still, considering we got that fantastic vampire-blood-induced Jason and “Ben” fantasy sequence, we might be feeling rather forgiving of this fact. Flip through our five favorite WTF moments from last night, and let us know if you share these mixed feelings.

1. Oh, this nice fairy Ben has fangs!

We knew something fishy was up with this hot hero practically falling in Sookie’s lap. We maybe even suspected he was in league with Warlow. But that he was a vampire himself? Didn’t really occur to us. We are naive.

2. “You haven’t done this before.”

We’ve always had a soft spot for the sex fantasies everyone has when they consume vampire blood, and an even softer spot for any dream of Jason’s. It’s kinda cute that they still try to trick us into believing these are real scenes. This was more of a fake WTF moment for nostalgia’s sake.

3. Of all the people to get it on…

OK, we take back our complaint about the lack of sex. Because this hookup is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE! No offense to Sam Trammell and Jurnee Smollett-Bell, who are both smokin’, but jeez. His girlfriend died a few days ago and her boyfriend a few hours ago. Comfort booty is just going to make you feel gross.

4. “You can get the f— off me.”

Admit it. You too thought Sookie was going to forget everything she’s learned from five seasons of danger and give in to her attraction to this guy. Ha! Not so fast. But what is it he wants from her, anyway? Fairy babies?

5. Oh, noes, I ate four fairies!

You knew the fact that Andy’s daughters had no names didn’t bode well for them. But to have Jessica, of all people, slaughter them? That’s harsh for all involved. And I’m not sure I’m looking forward to seeing the good sheriff go from goofy to tragic. Not the best use of his talents.

What moment shocked you this week? What made you roll your eyes? Share them in the comments!

[Photos: HBO]