15 People Happy It’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Last Day On The View

On Wednesday, Elisabeth Hasselbeck co-hosted The View one last time. Early in the month, it was announced that she would be leaving the show for Fox & Friends but then her last day came up more abruptly than anyone anticipated. Was she fired? Did the other girls push her out to make room for VH1 favorite, Jenny McCarthy? Who knows? What we do know is that Hasselbeck had beef with everyone from Rosie O’Donnell to Kathy Griffin. Let’s look back at all the people who might be happy to see her out of their lives.

1. Survivor: The Australian Outback Losers

Hasselbeck did an impressive job on the reality competition show. She managed to pick off several players before going home fourth from the finish. While she never had too much beef with anyone on the show, you know that the other contestants must have been slightly jealous they never had a post-competition career like she did.

2. Miss Teen USA 2001 1st Runner-up, Gloria Almonte

In 2001, Hasselbeck was one of the team of judges that named Marissa Whitley Miss Teen USA over Almonte and the other pageant contestants.


3. The Food & Drug Administration

One of Hasselbeck’s early debates came down over the morning after pill. She got into a heated debated with co-hosts and railed against the FDA, who clearly did not have a friend in her.

4. Rosie O’Donnell

When O’Donnell joined the panel of hosts in 2006, she quickly squared off with Hasselbeck. The two would get into debates over political issues usually leaving co-hosts Joy Behar and Sherri Shepard sitting uncomfortably between them.


5. Whoopi Goldberg

Another co-host, another sparring partner for Hasselbeck. Goldberg and Hasselbeck had several heated fights over emotionally charged issues, like gay marriage and racial slurs. Goldberg even told Us Weekly, she doesn’t “give a f—” about who replaces her former punching bag.


6. Gluten

In 2008, Hasselbeck took her campaign against wheat to new levels when she released the first of her gluten-free cookbooks.

7. Sharon Osbourne

Osbourne, who is on competing show The Talk, famously slammed Hasselbeck for being too wound up.


8. Kathy Griffin

The funny lady has a notorious hatred for Hasselbeck after the two got into it when she was a guest on The View. Of course, all the spatting is just source material for Griffin’s stand-up.


9. Erin Andrews

In 2010, Andrews was the subject of Hasselbeck’s ire when her clothing was slammed by the host. Hasselbeck didn’t care for her skimpy attire.


10. Joy Behar

Unlike Barbara Walters, who can keep her cool around Hasselbeck, Behar became the third co-host to lose it when politics came up. This time, a debate over Mitt Romney led the two to not speaking.

11. Barack Obama

When the President appeared on The View, conservative co-host Hasselbeck took on the role of griller. She pushed Obama hard on jobs and tried to trip him up.

12. Bill Maher

It’s no surprise Maher doesn’t care for Hasselbeck, but it was surprising to see the two go at it on an episode of The View. Gloves were off!

13. Melissa Etheridge

The singer got into it with the co-host over gay marriage when she visited the show in 2008. Etheridge was not satisfied with Hasselbeck’s lack of clarity on the issue.

14. Jenny McCarthy

With the departure of Hasselbeck and Joy Behar, there are some vacancies that need to be filled. This could be good news for McCarthy who is rumored to be a replacement for one of the girls.

15. Barbara Walters

On Hasselbeck’s last day, Walters said, “I’m happy you’re going” before she corrected her Freudian slip. Nothing like a little bit of shade from Babs just before you go!

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