Five Michael B. Jordan Moments Guaranteed To Make You Cry

He might be gaining major accolades and award show buzz thanks to his performance in Fruitvale Station (out in New York and L.A. today; everywhere July 26), but Michael B. Jordan is a familiar face to fans of Texas football, Baltimore street life, and overly talkative families, thanks to his work on beloved television dramas like Friday Night Lights, The Wire, and Parenthood. Regardless of the role in which you first came to know him, it’s highly likely at least one of his performances has made you well up like a baby–he’s just got that touch.

For those who aren’t familiar with the 26-year-old actor, we’ve created a quick cheat sheet for some of MBJ’s most poignant moments over the years to help get you up to speed. Whether your older brother has been telling you to watch The Wire since before you got your first Facebook account, or you just got broken up with (on a Post-It) and are in serious need of a release, here are five ways to give those tear ducts a workout. Log on to Netflix, borrow your neighbor’s HBO Go password, and take a deep, deep breath.

1. Wallace, The Caregiver
The Wire, Season 1 Episode 12

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