20 Pop Culture Characters With Sexier Alter Egos

Sometimes having a split personality isn’t so bad. Sometimes they can be sexier than your everyday self, and occasional you even get some special supernatural powers out of the deal! That’s a pretty nice upgrade, right?

  • Beyonce/Sasha Fierce

  • Andy Dyer/Burt Macklin

  • Bruce Wayne/Batman

  • Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

  • Walter White/Heisenburg

  • Steve Rogers/Captain America

  • Selina Kyle/Catwoman

  • Smash Adams/Doug Funny

  • Narrator/Tyler Durden

  • Harry Osborn/Green Goblin

  • Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

  • Homer/Max Power

  • Tony Stark/Iron Man

  • Karen Walker/ Anastasia Beaverhausen

  • Lady Gaga/Joe Calderone

  • Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana

  • Nicki Minaj/Harajuku Barbie

  • Sherman Klumps/Buddy Love

  • Dick Grayson/Robin

  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man

  • Spock/Mirror Universe Spock

  • Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

  • Clark Kent/Superman

  • Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask

  • Steve Urkel/ Stefan Urquelle

Just when we’re about to become bored of the same old mild-mannered character, movies and television shows love to kick it up a notch and introduce the ever-popular “Sexier Alter Ego” trope. It happened most shamelessly (and memorably) on the classic sitcom Family Matters when lovable nerd Steve Urkel became lovable love machine Stefan Urkel (or is it Ur-KEL?). But this technique isn’t just a cheap trick reserved for sitcoms. In the gripping drama Breaking Bad, high school chemistry teacher Walter White morphs into the feared drug lord known as Heisenberg. And who could forget the epic twist in Fight Club…?

Factor in pretty much every super hero movie ever made, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a list of two-faced folks. In honor of The Wolverine facing a world wide release in the coming days, we’ve decided to take a look at 25 of our favorite characters from pop culture that transform into even-sexier alter egos on the reg. Enjoy!

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