Michael B. Jordan On Potential Friday Night Lights Movie: The Taylors Are Universal

Michael B. Jordan may currently be promoting his new drama, Fruitvale Station, in which he portrays the real Oscar Grant III in his final hours, but to me, he’ll always be Vince Howard from Friday Night Lights. And even though bringing beloved television shows to the big screen doesn’t always work, I can’t help getting excited whenever someone mentions the possibility of a FNL film. (I should know better!) And then I want to take a trip to the Alamo Freeze. Immediately.

If Connie Britton and Brian Grazer are going to tease us with thoughts about a potential continuation of the story, it’s only fair to ask every character we come in contact with, right? Or at least the ones who make us openly weep at our desks. “If Jason Katims, Peter Berg, and those guys somehow come together and make that script and that story work, they know they can pick up the phone and call me and I’ll be there,” Jordan told VH1 during the Fruitvale Station premiere. “Those guys gave me a big break in television, and they trusted in me, so I’ll always trust and believe in them.”

Ah, yes, but while we left Vince leading the Panther offense to victory in good ol’ Texas, Coach and Mrs. Coach had started anew up North. Can the Taylors’ story exist outside of Texas? Do all Dillon and East Dillon alumni have an open invitation to crash on their couch? And are all men really jealous that their wives and girlfriends like Kyle Chandler so much? (Probably?) Find out above.

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