First Dibs: Did Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco Break Up Already?

How are a bunch of pigs making Ryan Gosling even hotter? Did Leah Remini leave the Church of Scientology? And what are the critics saying about Fruitvale Station?

  • Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco have broken up. They only became a couple about two weeks ago, so some of the groceries they bought together last week have had a longer shelf life than their love. [E! News]
  • Add animal rights activist and op ed writer to Ryan Gosling’s resume. The sexy actor has just upped his allure by writing a heartfelt editorial in Canada’s The Globe And Mail about the ethical treatment of pigs. [The Globe And Mail]
  • Leah Remini seems to have split from Scientology. She reportedly threatened to call the cops when the religious organization wouldn’t answer her questions about where leader David Miscavige’s wife Shelly was. [Page Six]
  • Fruitvale Station opens in select cities this weekend and at the reviews are in. Critics say the film is about a “pointless, stupid tragedy, and it wants to wring every emotion from it” and that Michael B. Jordan plays Oscar Grant with “enormous restraint and pathos to spare.” [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]