Sharknado Was WAY Better Than These 10 Classic Silly Shark Movies

Last night, Ian Ziering and Tara Reid swam back into our hearts when they starred in SyFy’s “so bad it’s so good” thriller, Sharknado.

While some might believe the film to be a load of unrealistic trash, we at VH1 think it’s a masterpiece. We believe in this so much that we are willing to explain why Sharknado is better than the top 10 best silly shark movies of all time–thereby making it the best shark movie of all time.

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That’s right. Sharknado reigns supreme because it has a scene where Ian Ziering destroys a shark by leaping inside the shark with a chainsaw and sawing it in half.

If only Steven Spielberg had thought of arming Steve Sanders with a chainsaw against a great white shark in Jaws, it would be the undisputed masterpiece of shark cinema…

[Photo Credit: SyFy & Vine]