Greetings From … Hawaii! 20 Celeb Vacation Postcards To Make You Jealous

What’s the deal with postcards? We like sending and receiving them, but they also seem a little bit like bragging, don’t they? “Wish you were here (in this amazing place, but you aren’t so ha.” Especially this collection of missives we received from our favorite celebrities this year — including Rihanna, Lucy Hale, Jennifer Lawrence, Max Greenfield and a certain commander in chief.

  • Sean-and-Naya

  • Jason-and-Olivia

  • Barack-Obama

  • Michael-Strahan

  • Ireland-Baldwin

  • graham-Rogers

  • Lucy-Hale

  • Max-Greenfield

  • Hilary-Duff

  • Paulina-Gretzky

  • rihanna

  • Paris-Hilton

  • Nahla

  • Halle-Berry

  • Alexander-Ludwig

  • Jennifer-Lawrence2

  • James-Marsden2

  • Cindy-Crawford

  • Jessica-Chastain

  • Alanis-Morissette

OK, you got us. None of these rich and famous people bothered to send us a note from Maui. But as we languished in our little air-conditioned offices this week, we imagined what it is that the likes of Olivia Wilde, Paris Hilton, Paulina Gretzky, Halle Berry and others love so much about the 50th state. It’s not just about the sun, sand and perfect weather.

[Photos: Getty Images, Splash News Online, Instagram]