How Would The Newsroom Tackle The Celeb News Of The Day?

The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin’s ode to himself and to the world of journalism, returns to HBO tonight and we’re excited to see what topics the characters of the show are going to handle better than their real life counterparts.

Of course, being that this is a celebrity news gossip site, we couldn’t help but wonder how The Newsroom would cover the stories that we tackle: Kimye, Amanda Bynes, Henry Cavill’s dating life and more!

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Sure, you might think, “Will McAvoy would NEVER cover Kimye or Amanda Bynes or Kate Middleton’s baby,” and you would be right, but then you’d also be a party pooper.

We realize that it’s highly unlikely that Aaron Sorkin would write an episode where the focus was on pop culture. He’s far too concerned with showing us how much better the world would be if he was in charge of everything in news media. But, what if the characters of The Newsroom had to cover current pop culture events? Well, we think they could still find a Thomas Jefferson quote for everything and that Neal would be tweeting at Amanda Bynes…

[Photo Credit: HBO]