Lindsay Lohan Sets Post-Rehab Schedule With Oprah Interview, Reality Show

Lindsay Lohan is nearly finished with her 90-day stint in rehab and already lining up her comeback tour. The actress not only has a new film coming out, but has also agreed to sit down with Oprah and tape a documentary series with OWN. VH1 breaks down the post-rehab schedule so you don’t have to.

July 31: Lindsay concludes her stint in rehab

The actress has been making amends and cleaning up her act in a court-ordered 90-day stay in a Malibu-based rehab clinic.

August 2: Lindsay’s new film, The Canyons, debuts in theaters and video on demand

Lindsay’s new flick has garnered a lot of attention, not only for being a Kickstarter-funded project but for the much talked about New York Times feature. The article detailed the reality of working with Lindsay on set and trials and tribulations of creating a film with a guerrilla-like crew.

Watch the trailer below:
August ?: Lindsay sits down with Oprah

The most important stop on Lindsay’s comeback tour involves a highly-publicized interview with Oprah Winfrey herself. This is not Lindsay’s first high-profile interview, she famously planned to sit down with Barbara Walters and then scrapped the interview for a segment on Jay Leno. This time, there can’t be any shenanigans (for her, but for us, let’s pray there are).

2014 and beyond: Lindsay’s first docu-reality series

Entertainment Weekly first reported that the actress has finally agreed to do her first unscripted show (though, according to our 6 degrees of The Hills chart, she’s appeared on Living Lohan and Project Runway). However, OWN will tape and air an eight-part documentary series dedicated to the actress’ life after rehab. This series could cement her status as a cleaned-up starlet ready to get back to work or just unravel all the work she’s done leaving everyone to wonder, what happens next???