Keep Your Eyes On The Balls: The 15 Hottest MLB Players

The MLB All-Star Game is tomorrow night, Tuesday July 16, at 8 PM EST, and the teams are already assembled and ready to play at Citi Field. We’re all very excited, but if we were in charge of putting the roster together, we probably wouldn’t pick the teams based on athletic ability, but raw sex appeal.

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Baseball is a sport that’s full of sexy double entendres and flying balls and the 15 hot MLB players on our list seem to know all about this. Boston Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury slides into third base as often as he can, Los Angeles Dodgers player Matt Kemp steams up the gossip rags with Rihanna, and New York Yankees’ player Robinson Cano brings a steamy swagger to everything he does.

Let’s just say that we understand that their our rules and stats and all that, but when it comes to these 15 studs, we just want to be taken out to their ball-game.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]