Sex, Sharks, And Girls: 10 Emmy-Worthy Performances Too Good To Ignore

The 2013 Emmy Award nominations will be announced bright and early tomorrow morning, which means we’ll soon have the pleasure of knowing who to root for come September and what to immediately start complaining about on Twitter. Assuming some of the performances we’ve been most fond of won’t be recognized by the Academy, here are a few of our favorite moments from the past year on the tube worthy of both industry hardware and your undying love.

Best Kiss: Nick and Jess (New Girl)
This series could very well get recognized for its strong second season–is Max Greenfield (a.k.a Schmidt) truly “crushing it” in real life, too?–but the slow build of sexual tension between roommates and sometimes-adversaries, Jess and Nick, is deserving of an award all its own. Watching this one still gives me goosebumps.

(Note: From Strip True American to a Taylor Swift cameo, NG has plenty of deserving material, and I’m still in love with the fact that the loft bathroom is THE best place to have a heart to heart on this show–so long as you understand the towel rules.)

Best Party Entertainment For Hire: Boyz II Menorah (Happy Endings)

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