10 Important GIFs From My Interview With Ryan Gosling

This week, Ryan Gosling visited New York City for a press junket to promote Only God Forgives. I was tasked to spend four minutes with the actor to ask him about his new movie. Little did I know that the handsome actor (who is even more handsome in person) would overwhelm me with his sexiness. Whenever he wasn’t talking, he was doing something incredibly sexy, like brushing his hair back, licking his lips or simply smiling. These are the 10 most important moments of my conversation with Mr. Gosling:

1. When we first sat down, he ran his hand through his hair, and I was like, “Oh heyyyy, handsome.”

2. And just when I thought he was done, he did it again — perfecting his beauty and sucking me into his gaze.

3. If that wasn’t enough, he made this suggestive face. And it’s like, “Oh, what’s going on with your tongue, Ryan?”

4. Then he licked his lips, and it was practically over.

5. But once wasn’t enough. He did it again while I asked him another question.

6. Then Ryan had a little moment where he showed a hint of a smile as he thought about what I had just asked him.

7. Then he flicked that tongue again and bit his bottom lip as he thought about what he was going to say next.

8. And there it was: the “lip lick/eyebrow raise” combination. It was almost too much to handle!

9. Then he nodded his head as if to confirm what I just saw.

10. And when I became flustered by it all, he tried to repress a small giggle, and it was all over. Seriously, I was dead, and he knew it.

(RIP Stacy Lambe, 1985-2013)